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Regenerative medicine is able to heal tissues that you have damaged. This gives hope to those with conditions that may seem to be beyond repair. Here at Stem Cell Therapies of Oklahoma, we offer regeneration and rejuvenation treatments that heal you from the inside.

It’s true that regenerative medicine isn’t new. In fact, doctors carried out the earliest solid organ and bone marrow transplants many decades ago. However, there have been recent advances in immunology and biology that have opened up a host of medical opportunities. There are more opportunities than ever before to refine the regenerative therapies that exist and to develop new ones.

Our stem cells can regenerate the body’s tissues in a number of impressive ways. This is why regenerative medicine offers an affordable health-care solution that heals your body from the inside.

A process known as differentiation causes stem cells to develop. Then, the cells change into other cell types, such as bone, nerve, and skin cells. This is why stem cells are so vital in regenerative medicine -– they unlock the potential for new medical applications.

At Stem Cell Therapies of Oklahoma, we have committed ourselves to bringing the latest technology to the state of Oklahoma. Our doctors are skilled regenerative physicians, so that patients can benefit from the latest medical advances. We can now offer you the most up-to-date solutions and innovative treatments that represent the best nonsurgical alternative.

Contact our team today to find out more about how Stem Cell Therapies of Oklahoma can help you. We’re here to help you to overcome your health problems using the latest technology. With our treatments, you can live a full and mobile life.

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Dr. Brian Torgerson M.D.

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